Ruth Arber has lectured about and worked in the area of race and ethnic relations for nearly two decades and presently lectures in identity and language studies at Deakin University, Melbourne. At the same time, she has worked and taught in the particular workplace of a local government school. She has recently completed her Doctorate, which examines the silences that underpin the politics of identity and difference in Australia. Current publications discuss the conceptual and material consequences of this research in an environment that is increasingly technological change and globalising trends and include: “Uncovering lost dreams: Re-envisioning multiculturalism through post colonial lenses”, The International Journal of Inclusive Education, Vol.3, No.4, 1999, pp. 309-326 Arber, Ruth ‘Defining positioning within politics of difference: Negotiating spaces ‘in-between’, Race Ethnicity and Education, vol 3, No. 1, 2000, pp. 45- 63 Arber, Ruth ‘The presence of an-other: The prescience of racism in post-modern times’ to be published Journal of Educational Change Vol. 4, No. 3, 2003.

Changing Communities: International Students in Local Government Schools

In this paper I interrogate the ways that community members within local government schools speak about the impact of fee-paying international students on their school.

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